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Friday, March 30, 2007

Blog Posts of Interest

Photo: Gordon Smith, Airborne and out of the Stirrups, Armidale Show

With time so tight at the moment, I have a number of part completed posts. This means that I am in fact writing some material after the date appearing on the published post. So I have to watch that I do not put in stuff that in fact is later!

This post reviews some of the material that has been appearing on-line.

I continue to enjoy the Legal Soapbox in part because Legal Eagle writes about personal problems such as mixing work and family responsibilities. She also led me to this video, the Law Nemesis from the University of Queensland Law Revue. I have no ideas as to whether this insertion will work, since this is the first time I have tried to embed video.

A site that I like but also think is sometimes very strange is Shedworking and Homeworking. I like it because it deals with working from home, but I also find the focus on sheds, so many types of sheds, very strange.

Noric Dilanchian's site continues to be an example of just what a small law firm can do with the web. I admits to a vested interest here in that Noric is a fellow member of the Ndarala Group(here and also here).

I see that Noric is quoting on the site the work that Simone Flanigan did. Simone is now working in London, but did a range of work with Dilanchian including some joint work with me. Hi Simone.

I continue to enjoy Dennis Howlett's AccManPro, a blog with a particular emphasis on the management of accountancy practices. I was struck with a post from Dennis on the importance of being happy at work. He went on to say that John Bailey, KPMG’s UK director of coaching, was reported as saying that the onus is on a particular individual to develop talented people.

“This helps people to experience feeling well-managed, in terms of being treated in a way that helps them to maximise their performance and fulfil their career aspirations”

As Dennis said, "Hmm…not so sure about that." I think that this requires a full post to respond.

On an earlier post I responded to Bruce MacEwen's negative comments on the use of profit per equity partner as a performance measure. Now I see that Bruce has carried a report on the responses to a reader survey on the measure. Just in case I have not made my own position clear, I think that it - profit per equity partner - is dangerously misleading crap!

Well, looking at the clock that's all I have time for now. I will report on other blogs and posts of interest later.


Legal Eagle said...

Love the video! How on earth did you get to it from my site? Anyway, it gave me a good laugh this morning.

Jim Belshaw said...

It was fun. I cannot remember the exact route, but it came via one of the blogs on your blog roll.