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Friday, November 26, 2010

Keddies, Slater & Gordon & the law

This cartoon is taken from the Sydney Morning Herald.

Shakespeare-420x0 In Corporatisation, Keddies and professional ethics, a post written back in July 2008, I reported on the problems faced by Australian law firm Keddies as a consequence of its billing practices. I gave a brief update in October 2008 in Keddies case threatens legal billing practices.

Although I really didn't say so at the time, I did wonder whether or not Keddies could survive. In fact, they did and have been purchased by listed Australian law firm Slater & Gordon for a reported $A35 million.

Russell Keddie, Keddie's founder, has admitted to the NSW Legal Services Commissioner that he was responsible for the gross overcharging of a client and plans to retire from practice.

All this has led to some scathing criticisms from regular legal commentator, the SMH's Richard Ackland.

I did wonder and still wonder about the wisdom of the Keddies' purchase. Time will tell.

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