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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Asia-Pacific IT services growth projections

I see from IT Wire that IT service revenue in the Asia-Pacific region have finally rebounded from the global economic downturn and are expected to hit $US205 billion over the next four years. Ovum forecasts an annual compound growth rate of 6.6 per cent over the period to 2015.

Fujitsu retained the number one slot in IT services revenue in 2010, with a market share of 13.9 percent.

I was actually a little surprised at the projected growth rate. It seems a little low. 


Felciano Guarracino said...

It is understandable that the projected growth rate seems to get low because we need to recover from the recession. We have to continuously rely on the resources and manpower of newly-industrialized countries in order to rebound from the economic losses.

SEO Expert India said...

IT Services growth can be observed in asia specially in south aisa. In the recession time, the china, India and nether land were not suffered due to outsourcing services from them.