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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Professional opportunities within regional Australia

Ten days ago I was rung by a journalist doing a story on personal downsizing among the professions, the growing tendency among some professionals to look at opportunities in regional Australia as a way of staying in practice while reducing the complexity and pace of life.

Then, and as I have reported in my personal blog (Personal Reflections -, I received an email from Peter Bailey announcing that the new Country Week web site - - had gone on line. To be held in Sydney on 11-13 August, Country Week combines areas across regional NSW into a single high intensity promotion designed to sell the virtues of regional NSW for work, life or play to Sydney dwellers.

There is no doubt that regional Australia does offer significant opportunities as well sometimes as challenges for professional practice. We are in the process of putting a story up on this on the Regional Australia web site -

The advantage of Country Week is that it allows those professionals that might be interested in professional practice within Regional NSW to investigate opportunities in a large number of areas at one time and in one place.

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