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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Small Business USA - a business primer

I must congratulate David Anderson for a series of outstanding posts on his Small Business USA blog.

This is a new blog in which David has been working his way through key issues facing firms that wish to bring in new equity partners. He began with the business plan and is now discussing marketing. While David's starting point is admission of equity, the posts are building a core business primer relevant to all businesses.

I mention the posts on this blog for two reasons.

First, the posts are relevant to all those concerned with the management and marketing of professional services.

Secondly, the posts provide a valuable check list for all professionals providing management or business related advice.

Keep up the good work, David.


Small Business USA said...

Jim - you are too kind!!!

Jim Belshaw said...

No, David. Just impressed! You really are writing some good stuff.