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Sunday, June 03, 2007

End Month Post Continued - Visitor Interests

Every so often as part of my end month stocktakes I look back at recent search pattern to see what brought people to this blog. I find it interesting, and it also helps generate new ideas.

The first search I looked at, generational culture in management came in from Google where the visitor found at number five a post I wrote in March on Gender Differences, Generational Differences and Personal Management Styles. This post linked back to some previous writing I had done on the topic.

The next search, economics "professional services firm" also on Google brought up two references to this blog in the top ten. The first reference proved to be the archive for all Deecmber 06 posts. The second brought up all the posts with a training label.

I have in fact written a fair bit in this area over time, but the visitor would not have found most of this material through this search. So that's one area where I can usefully say something more by way of consolidation.

The seach after that on Google Australia was on professional services firm: partner remuneration. This also brought up two references in the first ten, one posts with the strategy label, the second the practice management label. Hopefully this brought the visitor to the arguments I have been mounting about the clear separation of partner roles as one of the foundation blocks for an effective partner remuneration system.

The next search was a Google blog search on professional ethics. This bought up my post on Corporatisation and Professional Ethics triggered by the Slater & Gordon matter. I think that I could usefully say a fair bit more in this area.

Then came a search on Google Australia on how manage bad and good performance. This brought up in the top ten a post of mine from last October, Designing a Good Performance Appraisal System. In fact I have more relevant posts on the topic, so another consolidation post may be worthwhile.

The next search on Google Australia was IT Services Firms - Australia. Another two posts in the top ten, although I think that in this case the searcher would have been disatisfied since I think he had a very specific need in mind.

Then came a search from Google New Zealand, performance appraisals with remuneration, that brought the performance appraisal post already mentioned up as number one.

Another Google seach, wip accounting australia, brought up one of my corporatisation posts as number eleven. Now this would have been a disappointed visitor since that post was not about WIP treatment as such.

The last seach on MSN, managing professional services, brought up this blog on the front page.

In all, the blog scored well in visibility terms in this last set of searches. More importantly, the searches do give me some ideas as to how I might improve the visitor experience in particular content areas.

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