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Friday, June 15, 2007

The Power of Passion

Note to readers: I have had a number of posts at various stages of preparation, but kept getting distracted. I do not want to post them at once, but will do so in batches over the next day or so.

Never underestimate the importance of passion in a working environment.

In recent weeks I have been working with a younger college who demonstrates the power of passion. In rank terms, she has no formal power. In size, she is diminutive, tiny compared to her colleagues. Yet she exercises a powerful influence across the whole office.

Christine is passionate about statistics. She loves collecting them, analysing them, presenting them.

She believes that statistics are there to be used. She looks for new ways of using them.

Recently she prepared as an independent exercise in her own time a compilation of statistics that she thought would be of benefit to the the office. In doing so, she talked about "her baby". Upon completion, she made sure that all sixty nine staff in this office had a copy.

Not content, she ran round the office saying have you looked at my baby yet? People had, because it was Christine and the compilation was also useful.

This passion carries over into other aspects of her working life, including her concern for other staff members and her involvement in staff activities. She is and is seen to be one of the office's most valuable staff members.

People such as Christine need to be valued, encouraged and protected. The word protected may seem an odd one to use, but too many firms actually abuse their enthusiasts through overwork to the longer term detriment of both.

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