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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Happy Birthday Blog

It almost escaped my attention, but this blog turned one on 3 July. Since then I have written 160 posts exploring different aspects of the management of the professional services firm looked at in one way or another by 9,500 visitors.

Maintaining the blog has not always been easy. In the last month or so I have struggled to maintain regular posting because of other pressures.

Has it been worthwhile? I think so, although one can never tell just what impact a blog like this has had. Most visitors come to the site via search engines, a second group via links from other blogs. I like to think (hope) that some at least will have got some benefit from the visit.

Now that I have got a reasonable body of work up, I hope over the next twelve months to broaden and deepen the work. That way I work towards my longer term goal of a site that will really be helpful to all those wrestling with management and professional issues within a professional services environment.

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