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Friday, July 06, 2007

In Praise of Lawyers - We have a democracy, if we can keep it.

Bruce MacEwen (Adam Smith Esq) had a rather interesting meditation marking 4 July. In it he discussed the role of business leaders in public debate. He posed the question why more lawyers did not make a contribution.

As it happened, I had been thinking about the same topic, but from a different perspective.

At a time when western governments are introducing more and more laws in the name of public protection, lawyers have become the main public defence prepared to defend civil liberties.

Too many people fail to realise, I think, that law has always been the main defence between the unfair exercise of coercive state power and the individual. We can see this clearly if we look at English history.

Today lawyers acting as citizens, not just for clients, continue this role to our great collective benefit. Long may it continue.

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