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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Dilanchian Launches Blog

I mentioned in my post on Accountancy Blogs that one thing I had noticed in trawling was the apparent absence of Australian blogs about professional services, about the different sectors within professional services, or indeed the use of blogs by professional services firms themselves as a marketing device or to communicate with clients.

I also mentioned that I knew of one Australian law firm that was about to trial a blog. This is now on line in test phase.

My old friend Noric Dilanchian is managing partner at Dilanchian Lawyers & Consultants in Sydney. Dilanchian are intellectual property and innovation professionals. As part of his web site upgrade, Noric has created a blog, Lightbulb, to provide a forum for discussion on intellectual property and commercialisation issues. This can be accessed via the site front page.

The Dilanchian blog is still new, but already has some interesting material. I wish Noric and his team all the success with the initiative.

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