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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Corporatisation in the Australian Professions - Reasons for Delay

I proposed in my last post on 31 August to look in the next few blog entries at the corporatisation experience across a number of professions and the challenge it poses for all professions and professionals. Then silence.

I have been collecting material. However, I ran into two problems in deciding how to present it:
  1. Common themes and pressures meant duplication in material on different sectors. How best to handle?
  2. While many of the challenges faced by professions reflect world wide trends, the form taken in Australia reflects this country's constitution and political system. So when I started to write material using terms such as National Competition Policy I realised that these were likely to be simply incomprehensible to my international readers. While this blog does have an Australian focus, I do want it to be broadly relevant.

I am still thinking all this through. I will return to my foreshadowed theme once I have worked out the best approach.

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