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Thursday, September 07, 2006

People Management in Professional Services - Previous Posts as at 7 September 06

I have been thinking about ways of making this blog more useful to me as well as you. Yes, the search facility can be helpful in finding posts on particular topics. But this can be a cumbersome process on a big blog. It can also be difficult to see how things fit together, to follow chains through even with the inclusion of cross-links.

Taking all this into account, I have decided that the best way of handling all this is to provide regular lists of previous posts on particular matters, starting with the series of posts directed at improving people management in professional services. The initial list follows:
  • 24 July 2006. Introductory post on topic.
  • 25 July 2006. Professionals vs managers looks at the differences in training and approach between professionals and managers.
  • 26 July 2006. Developing management skills begins our discussion on ways of improving management skills among professionals.
  • 27 July 2006. A training primer 1 starts our discussion on overall training issues. A key conclusion was that training could offer significant economic pay-backs if, but only if,the training process focused on and integrated total learning within the firm, including informal learning.
  • July 28 2006. A training primer 2 extends the discussion, looking at different categories of training needs, competency based approaches and organisational vs individual needs.
  • 3 August 2006. A training primer 3 completes our immediate discussion of overall training issues covering the need for realism, immediate action steps and the integration of appraisal systems and performance measurement.
  • 9 August 2006. Getting the horse to the training water responds to a comment about ways of getting people to do training.
  • 18 August 2006. Maister on Training looks at the reasons why David Maister will not provide training to certain firms.
  • 28 August 2006. Recruitment moves the people management discussion from training to recruitment, the first step in the people chain.
  • 31 August 2006. Induction provides an induction check list to help you better integrate new people into the firm.

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