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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Wednesday Forum - Delegation Issues

I want to encourage discussion. To this end, I have decided to trial a Wednesday Forum asking readers about their own ideas and experiences. It may well be too early in this blog's history to try this. However, a journey begins with a single step.

When I first joined the Australian Public Service as a new graduate we all used to complain about the way work was allocated. The Director kept the most interesting work and passed the rest onto the class 9. The class 9 selected what he wanted to do and passed the rest onto the class 7. The class 7 then selected, leaving us with the worst stuff. A bit of a parody, but still not far from the truth.

Since then working as a manager and consultant, I have found complaints about delegation to be very common. So I wondered about your views and experiences.

Is delegation in professional services as bad as sometimes presented? What problems have you experienced yourself in the way work is allocated or indeed in trying to allocate work?

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