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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Bridging Professional Divides - Education & Training

Happy new year to all.

I have often commented on this blog about the divides within and between professions.

One such divide that I have noticed is that between education and training professionals whose focus is on the education sector (schools, universities) and those who primarily have a training or learning and development focus external to the education and training sector. Obviously there is overlap, but the divide is still there.

I was reminded of this over the break by a discussion with Doug Belshaw.

For those who on the learning and development side who do not know Doug, he is a UK history and IT teacher who has, among other things, been pioneering the application of new technology in school teaching.

Doug's main blog is I commend the blog and especially the post on the 20 best edublog posts of 2006. I noticed that it has listed a post by Jay Cross on informal learning, in fact an example of overlap. Doug also has a blog dealing with topics relating to his doctorate.

Bronwyn Clarke's blog also provides an entry point for training professionals into the parallel education world. Bronwyn is not posting actively at the moment, but has a number of interesting links.

On the other side of the ledger, I said to Doug that I would put up some information that might act as an introduction for professionals from the education sector to the parallel learning and development word with a special on-line focus.

The material that follows simply provides a taste. Those who follow this blog will recognise many of the names.

1. Learning Circuits Blog. This e-learning blog sponsored by the American Society for Training and Development provides a useful entry point.

2. eLearning Technology. Tony Karrer's blog provides a very useful intro to a variety of issues in the on-line training environment.

3. Stephen's Web. Stephen Downes' site contains a range of useful material.

4. Jay Cross has two main blogs - Informal Learning and the Internet Time blog.

5. I find Dave Lee's eelearning because he often comes at issues from a different direction.

6. Brent Schlenker's corporate e-learning often provides insights especially on technical issues associated with e-learning.

7. Dennis McDonald's blog on Managing & Living with Technology remains a valuable source of information on developments in the on-line environment.


Doug Belshaw said...

Jim, thanks for the generous comments about my blog and work. I'm certainly keen to expand my horizons as my Ed.D. thesis is going to be on the changing nature of knowledge in the 21st century and how educational institutions are reacting to this. I'd be very interested in how this is affecting the training and development world in a business/professional sense.

I'll certainly check out the links you kindly put up for me and will probably blog about them in the near future. Other readers of Jim's blog: please get in touch with either Jim or myself if you have any recommendations or ideas you think we could explore... :-)

Jim Belshaw said...

A pleasure Doug. I need to read your Ed.D site again. I colleague (Noric Dilanchian) and I have been working in the knowledge area since 94. When you get bored, if that even happens!, have a browse of Noric's site including his blog -

brent said...

Hi Jim,
thanks for link as part of the corporate side of the learning house. I've also noticed the divide but have strong ties and concerns to both sides. My career puts me on the training side of things while my family plants me firmly on the issues of K-12 education. Each side certainly has its unique issues on the implementation side of things, but when we take it all down to the simplicity of Learning I am convinced they will soon be one in the same.

Doug Belshaw said...

An excellent book which bridges the education/business divide is George Siemens' Knowing Knowledge. I peer reviewed this and it's excellent.

George released this as a proper paper book, as a PDF download and on a wiki (the latter two available at

He also has a blog called elearnspace, the RSS feed of which is worth subscribing to -

Jim Belshaw said...

Brent, like you I span the divide. Long may such spans continue because I think that your comment re convergence is right.

Doug, I will follow up the references.My thanks.